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Are Non‐Compete Agreements Still Enforceable? The FTC's Proposed Rule Would Say No

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The FTC recently proposed a new rule that would prohibit employers' use of non-compete agreements throughout the nation. This webinar reviews the likelihood of such a proposed new rule becoming a reality and the growing trend by numerous states to prohibit or significantly limit the use of employment non-compete agreements. Steve speaks about how this affects veterinarians who have signed a non-compete and clinics who have them. He addresses the fact that many non-competes are currently not enforceable in Wisconsin today and provides insights on what you'll want to do moving forward. Additionally, this webinar discusses the current status of non-compete agreements in Wisconsin and the use of non-solicitation and non-disclosure agreements instead of non-compete agreements by Wisconsin veterinary clinics and hospitals. These issues are addressed, and options are considered in this important and informative webinar.

CE Credits: 1.2 Non-Scientific

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