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Practical Strategies for Mastitis Prevention and Management

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During the on-demand presentations, instructors Allan Britten, DVM, MPVM and Justine Britten, PhD will present the following topics:  

Hour 1 – BOVINE MASTITS: A broad introduction to both clinical and subclinical mastitis and what it means for the producer and the herd health veterinarian.

Hour 2 - CONTAGIOUS MASTITIS: In-depth coverage of “the big 3” contagious mastitis pathogens. Focus will be on effects of each pathogen, detection, treatment, and prevention.

Hour 3 - ENVIRONMENTAL MASTITIS: Coverage of most common environmental pathogens, sources and how to manage and prevent.

Hour 4 - MILK QUALITY DIAGNOSTICS LABORATORIES: The pros, cons, strengths, and weaknesses of a private practice veterinary lab service versus an on-farm lab.

CE Credits: 4.8 Scientific

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