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Small Animal Dentistry - Get a Gold Tooth Rating

On Demand

This 4 CE-credit course consists of four on-demand video presentations. Purchase this could before Monday, June 28th to automatically be enrolled in a live two-hour interactive webinar. During the live Q&A webinar, Dr. Gary Goldstein will discuss common oral pathology and allow attendees to ask questions while receiving an additional 2.4 credits of CE.

Hour 1 – Equipping Your Dental Operatory: Instrumentation, Dental Workspace, Basic Anatomy and Terminology

This will be an important discussion on ways every general practice can begin and implement a more focused dentistry initiative at the hospital. How to improve your current dental space or create one, proper instrumentation needed for general dentistry, proper dental equipment that is important to the staff and a general understanding of best practices to begin promoting dentistry among your team.

Hour 2 – Marketing Dentistry in Your Hospitals

Once you have a solid dental space with the proper equipment/instrumentation and you are prepared for the demand of increasing dentistry, then staff education is first and foremost, followed by client education, and finally and most importantly, Dr. Goldstein will review and discuss Best Practices that can be implemented immediately as well as long term, to create a short- and long-term dental plan at all your hospitals.

Hour 3 – Feline Tooth Resorption: Diagnosis and Treatment

A review of the basics of feline tooth resorption will be discussed. This topic seems to be always forgotten, yet every hospital sees this very common disease in their hospitals. Dr. Goldstein will discuss how to identify and properly diagnose and treat feline tooth resorption.

Hour 4 – How to Prevent and Treat Extraction Complications

Veterinarians are taught how to extract, but rarely dot they learn on how to prevent and treat complications that occur before, during and after tooth extractions. During the final presentation, Dr. Goldstein will discuss the many ways to easily prevent complications as well as treat the common complications that the veterinary team experiences often.

Tuesday, June 29, 7-9 pm – Common Oral Pathology from Pediatrics to Geriatrics

This live two-hour discussion is the most important presentation Dr. Goldstein will share with veterinarians and staff as he will review common oral disease that is seen at a young age all the way up to older ages. Dr. Goldstein will review what you see every day, how to recognize, treat and prevent many of the common oral diseases that the team sees each day and best practices on how the team (DVMS and Technicians) can explain to the client and how the veterinarian can treat these diseases that are very common. The discussion also includes associated dental radiology abnormalities along the way of the discussion.

The live webinar offers 2.4 additional CE credits. (It is not required to watch the on-demand CE prior to the live webinar, but it is encouraged.)

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