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Allan Britten, DVM, MPVM & Justine Britten, PhD

Allan Britten, DVM, MPVM
Allan Britten DVM, MPVM is a veterinarian and President of Udder Health Systems, Inc. (UHS), a specialty bovine milk quality practice in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Utah. UHS is a specialized epidemiological service to commercial dairy farmers on mastitis control and milk quality since 1978. UHS service laboratories provide pathogen detection and quality analysis on Bulk Tank Milk, dairy water quality, individual cow milk samples. UHS also manufactures specialized veterinary test systems including Prototheca Selective agar and Mycoplasma speciation PCR kits. The laboratory provides bovine mastitis laboratory training, specialty technical support, and mastitis diagnostic products to laboratories throughout North America. The business also has an A2LA accredited food pathogen testing service serving food companies in Idaho. This past year UHS was instrumental in opening a new SARS CoV-2 service virus detection service, Idaho One Health Network, to help answer the need for human testing in the 2020 Pandemic.

Justine Britten, PhD
Justine Britten, PhD grew up in northwest Washington state, surrounded by agricultural and many dairy farms. Dr. Britten attended Washington State University for her B.S. in Animal Science before moving to southern Idaho to start her career with Udder Health Systems in 2004. After 10 years of doing milk quality work, both in the laboratory and on-farm consulting, she followed an opportunity to pursue graduate education at Utah State University under Dr. Dave Wilson. In 2019 Dr, Britten graduated with a PhD in Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences. Her dissertation research focused on bovine mammary involution and non-antibiotic alternatives to drying-off quarters. Since returning to Idaho, she has resumed working at Udder Health Systems as the Laboratory Director. Dr. Britten is also on the Board of Directors for the National Mastitis Council and actively involved in several NMC committees. While her job responsibilities keep her plate pretty full, she enjoys keeping it diverse with teaching, research and speaking opportunities through various different organizations.